Conforto is certified by Selo Origem Sustentável in the Ouro Category

October 20, 2023

Conforto is certified by Selo Origem Sustentável in the Ouro Category


Certified with the Sustainable Origin Seal since September 15th, Conforto has paved the way to make the safety footwear industry a more sustainable environment. It's been a long time since sustainability stopped being just an environmental issue. Being a sustainable company is synonymous with innovation, competitiveness and market differentiation. The concept of corporate sustainability is based on 3 pillars: economic, environmental and social. The more integrated these pillars are, the better the results will be for the corporation, people and the planet. Consumers buy brands that identify with their values and a sustainable company is one of these brands. Therefore, this should be the objective of any business that is minimally in tune with current global trends.

Comfort: a more than sustainable company

Conforto is a company that cares about transforming. On September 15, 2023, the Estância Velha Unit turned an old dream into reality: it achieved the Sustainable Origin Certification, Gold level. This achievement is a giant milestone in the company's history, as it was the first in the segment to obtain this certification, taking the safety footwear industry to a new level.

The market needs more manufacturers who care about ESG (environmental, social and governance), as it is with this practice that organizations have to demonstrate to you, the consumer, that they care not only about the planet, but also about the environment. well-being of society and economic growth. Conforto is that company! It shows that it is possible to produce with responsibility and respect and still deliver a reliable product. But, do you know what Sustainable Origin Certification means? Keep following and find out!


Sustainable Origin Certification

Origem Sustentável is the only ESG and sustainability certification in the world aimed at companies in the footwear chain. Based on the best international sustainability practices, it follows five-dimensional indicators: economic, environmental, social, cultural and sustainability management. Each of the indicators evaluates companies' performance to guarantee the program's certification levels. There are four different levels that follow the evolution and maturity of companies on their journey towards sustainability. Check out:

Bronze: 30% (minimum level)

Silver: 40%

Gold: 60%

Diamond: 80% (maximum level)

How important is this certification?

Economically speaking, companies that invest in sustainable practices are able to reduce costs, avoid waste and, consequently, generate more revenue. Socially, the adoption of sustainable measures contributes to the development of the communities where the company operates, promoting a higher quality of life and generating jobs. In the environmental sphere, corporate sustainability is a way of ensuring the preservation of nature and its natural resources, helping to reduce the impact of economic activities on the environment. Furthermore, being recognized as a sustainable company can become an important differentiator in the market, attracting consumers who are increasingly concerned about the socio-environmental impact of companies.

And how can I contribute?

You, the consumer, have a determining role in the process of building a better world. Choosing suppliers who have this commitment is the first step. You will be sure that that company uses its raw materials responsibly, treats its employees well, respects the environment in which it operates, carries out good practices in relation to environmental preservation and contributes positively to the economy of its region, acting ethically in all negotiations.


After learning about Conforto's history and understanding the benefits that Sustainable Origin Certification can bring, it is clear that investing in ESG practices can be a real differentiator in the current market. And the best of all is that small actions can generate big results, both for the company and for the planet and society. But remember: you can also be the change you want to see in the world. Each person can do a little to make the world a better place, starting with more conscious choices in everyday life. Join Conforto on this journey and transform the future!

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