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Our Mission

Develop comfortable products, ensuring user protection and satisfaction, contributing to the prosperity of the organization, employees and society.

Our Business

Produce and sell personal protective equipment - footwear, gloves and leather and safety items for its users.

Our Principles

Ethics / Service Excellence / Innovation / Prosperity / Quality / Respect and Valuing Life / Teamwork / Transparency

Quality policy

Seek our customers' satisfaction through the development and manufacture of footwear, gloves and personal protective equipment that offer quality, safety, comfort and durability, committing to meet the requirements applicable to our business, promoting the continuous improvement of our processes and services.

A little more
about Conforto

Since 1985, Conforto has been dedicated to producing personal protective equipment, focusing on quality, safety and comfort for workers.

It is located in Estância Velha/RS, a privileged region for having a complete infrastructure in the leather-footwear sector, which enables production logistics and
distribution of its products. It has its own laboratory, where it performs daily tests of raw materials and finished products, ensuring quality from start to finish.

Its laboratory also develops new products quickly and efficiently, as it is there that it is possible to test new materials and technologies, carry out performance and safety analyzes and even reproduce or simulate field tests. Always attentive to the needs and wishes of users, Conforto prioritizes
innovation in materials and processes, but without neglecting the human gaze of professionals dedicated to delivering their best in every detail.

The result couldn't be any different: a product that conquers the feet, hands and hearts of everyone who uses it.

Welcome to the Conforto universe, where comfort and safety go hand in hand to deliver a safer and more productive work environment for everyone!

Monitoring the quality of raw materials and products, it uses high-tech equipment to analyze and perform various tests, such as:

• Abrasion resistance of soles.
• Resistance to continuous bending of soles.
• Determination of measurements and thickness of materials.
• Wear resistance of materials.- Progressive tear strength.
• Determination of density and hardness of soles.
• Determination of electrical resistance for conductive and antistatic shoes.


Conforto is committed to making a difference. In addition to taking care of its employees on a daily basis through initiatives aimed at promoting well-being and quality of life, social actions are regularly promoted that positively impact the entire community, seeking to build a better future for everyone.


Conforto stands out in sustainable development and socio-environmental concern, adopting several processes aimed at well-being and responsibility towards the environment, such as: the EuReciclo Seal, where we commit to environmentally offsetting our packaging. And all this in an uncomplicated and fast way!

We are concerned from the conception of the products to the practices present in the stages of your operational process. Therefore, we invest in sustainable technologies, in partnerships with responsible suppliers and in social actions that benefit everyone.


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