How can the brand of your PPE influence your safety?

May 25, 2023

How can the brand of your PPE influence your safety?

Much is said about the importance, obligation and necessity of Personal Protective Equipment in the work environment, but little is said about its brands and how they affect you, the worker. So, did you know that the brand of your PPE can affect your safety? If your answer is no, continue reading the article below and discover the factors you should consider when choosing your PPE brand.

The proper choice of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential to ensure the safety and protection of users in different work environments. Among the factors to consider, the brand of PPE plays a significant role in the quality and effectiveness of the equipment.

The brand of an PPE, both good and bad, can influence the protection of a user in several ways, for example: professional footwear that does not comply with NBR 14835 (Weight of footwear) can make the user uncomfortable, which favors the risk of accidents.


1.Product Quality: Committed brands are committed to the quality and excellence of their products. They invest in research, testing and material development to provide reliable and durable PPE.

2. Compliance with safety standards: Strictly complying with safety standards and regulations established by public bodies is part of the basic requirements of a trusted brand. This means that their PPE has undergone rigorous testing and has been found to be adequate to provide the user with the necessary protection.

3. Technology and innovation: choose brands that invest in research and development to introduce innovative technologies in their PPE. This can include advanced materials, ergonomic designs and additional safety features.

4. Technical support and user assistance: offering good technical support and user assistance is a differential of a good manufacturer. Reputable brands provide clear information on the proper use of PPE, training and are available to answer questions and provide guidance.

5. Market Reputation: A brand's reputation is built over time based on customer satisfaction and the reliability of its products. Well-structured brands are often recognized by the market and industry as suppliers of quality PPE. Opting for them can bring peace of mind to the user, knowing that he is choosing a reliable and effective product.


If you are looking for a trusted brand that meets all the above requirements, you can count on us! Because we have met with great success all the “rules” above, check it out:

1.Product Quality: In addition to the Certificate of Approval (CA), we have the Selo Conforto, which is a certification granted to shoes that have undergone the tests provided for in the ABNT Standards and that meet the technical criteria necessary to guarantee comfort and well-being to users. In addition, in our laboratory we carry out daily quality tests on raw materials and finished products;

2.Conformity: we have the ISO 9001 Seal, where the company attests that it complies with a set of standardization norms adopted worldwide that deal with all the elements of quality management that an organization must comply with;

3.Technology and Innovation: In search of constant evolution, whether in raw materials, designs and machinery, we have a wide network of sophisticated equipment and high quality professionals;

4.Technical support and user assistance: We are available to answer any questions, either through social networks, email, WhatsApp, telephone or through our Ombudsman channel (available on our website);

5.Reputation in the market: We have been in the market for 38 years and our commitment to our customers is and has always been the same: to produce individual protection equipment with quality, safety, comfort and that make your work more enjoyable.

As we saw in the items above, the brand of Personal Protective Equipment can influence your safety in several different ways. So, by choosing PPE from trusted brands, you can be confident that you are making the right decision to protect your health and safety in the workplace. Always keep in mind that where there is – in addition to protection – affection and comfort, there will always be an experience of well-being and lightness.

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