Understand the myths and truths about PPEs!

April 17, 2023

Understand the myths and truths about PPEs!

Nowadays, it is easy to come across floods of dubious information on the internet that, unfortunately, end up spreading among people until they become a big circle of insecurity. And in the world of Occupational Health and Safety it is no different! An example of this is the misinformation about Personal Protective Equipment. Unfortunately, false statements about PPE still circulate not only in digital media, but in companies that use them on a daily basis.

And with that in mind, we bring the following question: Do you know the myths and truths about Personal Protective Equipment? If your answer is yes, congratulations! You passed the test! But, if your answer is no, no problem! We will help you identify the main myths and truths about PPE. Check it out below:

1. The use of PPE by workers is mandatory. True! To ensure safety for workers who perform functions that pose some risk to health, the use of PPE is mandatory, according to Regulatory Standard 6. It is worth remembering that it is the Occupational Safety Technicians who must choose the most appropriate PPE for each employee. Always taking into account the risks that he/she is exposed to in the work environment.

2. PPEs must be purchased by employees. Myth! PPEs must be purchased and provided free of charge by the company. NR6 also highlights that training for correct use of equipment must be the sole responsibility of the contracting company, as well as supervision over use, hygiene and replacement of parts.

3. PPEs cause discomfort for the worker Myth! Currently, most PPE manufacturers do not only care about protection, but also seek, in their manufacture, more comfortable products for the worker. But you need to be very careful when faced with a product with a price much lower than the average, as it may be manufactured with inferior quality materials and even pose risks to the worker. Here at Conforto, for example, we always seek to bring the highest technology in our products and carry with them the protection, quality and well-being that the worker deserves. We have in mind the importance of this subject, because we know that when you do something feeling good, you do very well.

4. The cost of investing in PPEs is high Myth! Although many companies believe this, investing in good quality PPEs is one of the most affordable alternatives to avoid risks at work. Since the psychological, physical and financial damages caused by an accident or occupational disease are much greater. It is also important to analyze the costs in the long term to be able to measure the savings generated by a good administration of PPEs.

5. Boot, Bootie and Safety Shoe are all the same things Myth! These three have only one thing in common: they are all Safety Footwear. But each one has its characteristics that make them suitable or not for certain tasks. See: Shoe: responsible for protecting the feet; Bootie: responsible for protecting the feet and ankles; Boot: responsible for protecting the feet, ankles and legs.

6. PPEs eliminate Risks Myth! It is important to remember that Personal Protective Equipment cannot be considered responsible for eliminating the risks present in the work environment. They are just a safety measure to protect workers from risks that cannot be avoided.Therefore, we all have a duty to work responsibly and attentively to ensure everyone's safety.

Finally, we emphasize that a small doubt about the correct use or disuse of Personal Protective Equipment can generate big problems not only for your health, but also for everyone around you. For this reason, you should never hesitate to question your company's Occupational Safety Technician and demand good quality equipment, as working in a safe and comfortable environment is everyone's right.

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